About Us

  1. Always wave at the guy in the other truck passing by.
  2. Stories are better shared over a campfire.
  3. Col. Whelen said it best. Only accurate rifles are interesting.
  4. And the customer is always right.
That's what we believe in. Especially the fourth one. If you aren't completely satisfied with any purchase you make from Alamo Precision Rifles, contact us and we'll fix it. We promise there will be no hassles or problems. That's what you can expect from our APR 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. However, this virtual handshake does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse or repairs attempted by someone other than our authorized technicians. It also only applies to firearms customized by Alamo Precision Rifles; for all other warranty repair or replacement issues, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly. If you have any questions about your recent purchase, please contact us at sales@alamoprecisionrifles.com or 1-817-284-0034.