APR Goodnight

APR Goodnight

Alexander Arms

His accomplishments have turned into the stuff of legend. He joined the Texas Rangers in 1857 to fight Comanche raiders, helped locate then "rescue" Cynthia Ann Parker and later made peace with her war chief son Quanah Parker. Later he lead a near state-wide roundup of feral Texas Longhorn cattle with his partner Oliver Loving and drove them north. He invented the chuck wagon. Preserved a herd of native plains bison you can still see today in Caprock Canyons State Park. Even served as inspiration for McMurtry's Woodward F. Call in Lonesome Dove. While generally considered to be fair and decent, he was just as hard and intense when needed. Once when his wife expressed shock at some vigilante hangings ("I understand," she exclaimed, "they hanged them from a telegraph pole!"), Charlie Goodnight replied quietly "Well, I don't think it hurt the telegraph pole."

Our APR Goodnight, chambered in 9mm with an integral suppressor, is a quiet firearm of few words yet equally as intense.

The standard base model includes the following:

  • 9mm Carbine
  • APR Custom-Billet 7075 Upper and Lower Receiver
  • 5" Pistol Length Barrel
  • Integral Suppressor
  • BCM Keymond Handguard
  • Noveske Ambi Fire Control Group
  • Raptor Ambi Charging Handle
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